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Het Sportkookboek voor Krachtsport

Het Sportkookboek voor Krachtsport


More and more people exercise and your diet plays a crucial role in achieving good results. Moreover, your food needs differ depending on the type of sport you practice. Are you a long-distance runner, swimmer, or (recreational) cyclist? Do you play a team or ball sport, such as football or tennis? Or do you practice a sport that requires a lot of strength (e.g. fitness, sprinting, or high jumping)? Each type of sport requires a different type of nutrition. What is best to eat on different training days (e.g., endurance or strength training)? What do you choose for breakfast, snacks, and hot or cold meals? Sports dietitian Stephanie Scheirlynck guides various top and recreational athletes in her practice and always proposes different, simple recipes.


    Hardcover: 144 pages
    Language: Dutch
    Dimensions: 261mm x 204mm
    Published by: Lannoo 
    EAN: 9789401443661
    Edition: 1

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