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Stephanie is a certified dietitian and nutritionist with a profound specialization in sports nutrition. She has spent the past 15 years marrying athletics and nutrition—or the science behind the sport— focusing on education, science-based research, and today’s best practices. She is the author of a series of sports cookbooks and performance-focused granola.


Always challenging the status quo in the sports nutrition industry, over the years Stephanie has been providing the highest level of nutritional support and other services to a myriad of professional athletes across a variety of sports including Olympic gold medalists Greg Van Avermaet (cycling) and Nafi Thiam (track and field), Team Belgium (BOIC), RSC Anderlecht (soccer), and UCI World Tour road cycling team Lidl-Trek’s men’s and women’s teams.


Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences (2006 - Ghent), a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition (2007 - Nijmegen and 2010 - International Olympic Committee), has been featured in various specialized publications, and is one of the most in-demand speakers in her field.

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